Summer Recipe Photography

Twin Cities based Mississippi Co-Op Market reached out to my Midwest food and beverage photography studio (at the time I was located in Minneapolis, Minnesota) to produce a couple of summer recipes photography shoots for their upcoming summer 2022 issue of The Medley, the co-op’s quarterly newsletter for member-owners, filled with sustainable agriculture issues, new recipes, news and events. For this client I art directed along with food and prop styling, where I needed to shop for all of each recipes ingredients at local grocery markets, prep all of the ingredients to be cook, prepare each of the recipes, style the studio layout for the lifestyle imagery, plate and photograph and do post-production for each dish. Each recipe shoot took about a week to shop, plan, and photograph.

The first recipe I prepared, food and prop styled, then photographed in my studio was for the Mediterranean Salad recipe, which included dinosaur kale (or Lacinato kale), black lentils, red peppers, feta cheese, olives, and a vinaigrette dressing (see the full recipe here) I photographed a few versions of the recipe but ultimately an over head flat lay of the dish made the cover of the newsletter.

The second recipe I produced, preparing and photographed, in addition to being the food stylist, was the Ugandan rice recipe. This recipe is made with a basmati rice and was a the vegetarian version. When researching to make this recipe I saw it is also traditionally made with meat, most often with beef, and is also called a Pilau African rice recipe. Check out The Medley summer 2022 issue for the full recipe!

The Medley Cover Image summer 2022 issue Saint Paul, Minnesota based co-op

Lifestyle image of the Mediterranean salad recipe on the cover of the co-ops summer newsletter issue.

Ugandan Rice photographed for the Medley newsletter with a wood spoon in a black iron paella pan. Minneapolis Food Photographers. Food photography, product photography, lifestyle photography, blogger photographer, influencer photographer, social media photographer, commercial photography, branding photographer

Overhead flat-lay of the Ugandan rice recipe in a seasoned cast iron pan.

Ugandan Rice Recipe in a cast iron black pan in the foreground and the recipes ingredients on a cutting board in the background. Paring knife. Chicago recipe photographer, Chicago editorial photographer, Chicago food photographer, Minneapolis food photographer, Minneapolis editorial photographers, Milwaukee food photographers, Milwaukee editorial photographers

A different angle of the Ugandan rice recipe with a closer detail of the dish topped with two bay leaves and some cut ingredients in the background.

Ugandan Rice recipe with ingredients photographed from above flay-lay food stylist and recipe photographer, Chicago Food Photographers, Milwaukee Food Photographers, Madison Food Photographers, Minneapolis food photographer, Chicago product photographer

Lifestyle scene of Ugandan rice in a seasoned cast iron pan with a cutting board of red peppers and red onion slice.



Recipe Photography


I am a Chicago based food and drink photographer who is also available for Food Styling projects throughout the Midwest but have worked specifically in Milwaukee and Minnesota’s Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St Paul. I also art direction or creative direction for commercial photography projects as a collaborator as I have my MA in Strategic Communications and nearly two decades of experience in the creative industry!

Please reach out if you have a food recipe shoot you would like produced and photographed for your newsletter, blog, or cook book!