Jeppson’s Malört bottle product photography in a narrative scene with a boulevardier cocktail topped with a curled orange peel complimented with grapefruit slices, shot glasses, and a vintage rotary phone. Chicago's Drink.

Food Styling

As part of my food photography services I also offer the option of a Food Stylist as an add on for more in depth photo shoots while I am photographing your commercial or editorial project.


I am also available for food styling independently from my commercial photographer experience to assist as a food stylist for other photographers in the Chicago, Illinois | Milwaukee, Wisconsin | or Minneapolis – St Paul, Minnesota Midwest regions.

Please feel free to contact me for a detailed quote for your creative food or beverage photography editorial or advertising project. Includes a day rate along with potential additional expenses such as:

Sourcing prop rentals, rental costs, food costs, assistants, etc. will be invoiced separately with approved proposal for your project.