European-inspired Delicious Entrees for Restaurants Social Media Content

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I was contacted by the marketing team at Tria restaurant, located in North Oaks, Minnesota about a half an hour outside the Twin Cities downtown Minneapolis, for some social media content creation images in an editorial lifestyle photo style of their European French inspired restaurant. When collaborating with the team on this project I was asked to photograph the staff, a chef’s portrait, the restaurant interior and exterior, menu entrees, with additional lifestyle scenes of some of their essential entrees and specialty bar drinks and cocktails, all for them to use to promote their brand through the restaurant’s website and social media channels. This photoshoot was on location at the restaurant (on a very cold Minnesota early January day!) so some light travel was involved along with bringing some professional lighting for the portraits and to be used as fill lights where needed. Overall this shoot was similar to documentary or storytelling photography or a “day in the life” of the restaurant’s daily operations in order to visually show its brand.

In order to prepare for a restaurant lifestyle shoot there is a lot of pre-production involved with the client. As the professional photographer you will need to know if there will be talent or models hired (and who will be hiring them, you or the client), a hair and makeup artist, a food stylist, the timeline of the the project, and the day of shoot timeline. This process can sometimes take weeks of coordination before the shoot is scheduled so you will need to be very hands on so you are meeting your clients needs and making sure no deadlines are missed.

Restaurants or venues looking to hire a food and drink photographer to document an image library for them should consider a photographer who is also proficient in art direction and has experience scheduling and hiring third party vendors for the production if needed. Now this shoot did not require all of what I previously mentioned but we did discuss some of these things in the initial stages of the project.

I chose to photograph these food and beverage subjects in a natural window light with a fill flash to add an extra crisp pop to the drinks and dishes. It was in the later afternoon on a winter day so the sun was setting earlier and I used that to my advantage. The sun being lower in the horizon allowed for direct sunlight on a sunny day without a harsh contrast in the shadows. But take a look at some of my favorite images below to see for yourself!


Chicken pot pie entree set on a restaurants dining room table in a lifestyle scene

Fresh out of the oven warm pot pie dish in a lifestyle table top setting with bread and a buttery Chardonnay glass of white wine.

Natural light image in the later afternoon of a restaurants event or private party dining room. Table is set with place settings, wine glasses, and water glasses. Dining room lifestyle photography

The restaurants family event dining room set in a warm and cozy Italian theme inspired home with the wooden cabinet and dining room table with chairs.

Steak with mashed potatoes crunchy crispy onions on a restaurant dining room table. Saint Paul, Minnesota. food photography near Chicago

Steak with mashed potatoes entree topped with fried onions.

Chicken Dinner French American Lifestyle food image on a dining room table restaurant. North Oaks, Minnesota.

Restaurant kitchen action image waitress packaging take out orders. Restaurant Branding Photographer Chicago food photographer

Waitress preparing orders in the kitchen during the busy dinner food service

Mussels entree dinner plate with glass of white wine Chardonnay, lemon wedge, garlic bread, crackers and butter set on a restaurants dining room table.

Plate of mussels in a lifestyle food setting on a classic dining room table top

Action blur of wait staff walking by in a restaurant dining room during the evening dinner service. Documentary lifestyle photography Milwaukee

Motion blur of a server passing by while guests eat in the dining room.

Dining room with a fireplace at a cozy French American restaurant outside of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Chicago lifestyle food photographer

Bartender pouring cocktail from shaker into a coupe cocktail glass. Chicago branding photography social media content. food photographer

Bartender and Manager editorial portrait with a line of four different drink cocktails. Restaurant Branding Photographers Chicago. food and product photographer

Manager and bartender posing with some specialty drink cocktails at the bar.

Restaurant Chef Cooking kitchen sprinkling salt seasoning into pot. Branding restaurant photography in Minneapolis. photographer food

Restaurant chef seasoning a pot of stew in an industrial kitchen.

Restaurant dinner table with a fireplace in the background and a date night set of entrees, surf and turf, chicken with rice, and a red wine pinot noir. lifestyle food photography

Cozy image of a date night surf and turf dinner special a Caymus vineyards bottle of red wine next to a warm fireplace on a cold winter night.

Waiter commercial portrait holding two glasses of wine, one red, one white in a restaurants dining room. food product photography

Waiter portrait holding two glasses of wine white and red in the dining room of Tria restaurant.

Old Fashion Cocktail Drink on Bar in a martini glass with an orange peel. Photographed in natural window light at Tria Restaurant and Bar Minneapolis, Minnesota. food lifestyle photography Chicago

A delicious looking cocktail in a coupe glass with natural light on a wooden bar corner.







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