Theresa Scarbrough 

Photographer + Creative Director


The Associated Press

Bake Magazine

Cooking Light

Chicago Tribune

The Food Network

The New York Times

Houston Chronicle

Sun Times Group

USA Today

I am a food and drink photographer based in Chicago, Illinois with a photojournalism background and I still love creating storytelling narrative images. My passion for photographing food or doing food styling envelops my everyday life, whether it is going out to eat at a new or favorite restaurant or cooking at home after finding a new recipe or local market with new and exciting ingredient.

I’ve been taking photos professionally for almost two decades. My lifelong journey of visual storytelling started out as a newspaper photojournalist where on assignment’s I canoed down the Rio Grande River between the US and Mexico borders, flew in a vintage WWII airplane in an air show, where I had to wear a parachute for safety reasons (!), interviewed and wrote short articles to accompany photo essays, and more!

I moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2018 and while there decided to earn a master’s degree in strategic communications at the University of Minnesota, deepening my knowledge of marketing creative content and building brands. While living in there I was recognized as one of the Twin Cities eight best food photographers! In late 2022, I returned to my hometown Chicago, Illinois, and am now available for commercial or editorial photography assignments in Chicago, Milwaukee, or the Twin Cities regions of the Midwest as well as nationally and internationally.

My strengths are in food and beverage, editorial portraits, personal branding, commercial, and product photography. 


What is your pricing?

The short answer is it depends on the project. I photograph both editorial and commercial projects, each having their own usage terms and conditions. Please reach out to further discuss your projects photography needs and I can put together a custom estimate for you.

Do you offer food styling?

Yes! I offer creative consultation as a food stylist while on a photo shoot but I also am available to be hired as a food stylist separately for other projects. I also can assist with prop styling as I do all of the leg work in my personal project narrative images.

Do you shoot video?

I do offer some video services in addition to my still image work, including creating GIFs, short social media content clips, and behind the scenes storytelling motion content. If you are looking for more in depth creative video services I can reach out to my network and refer someone for you.

What other services do you offer?

Beyond photography I am available to help with producing, location scouting, creative direction or strategy, and post production. I love the entire creative process of a project and am always willing to collaborate to help out in any way I can!