Beef Product Photography

The Demkota Ranch Beef marketing coordinator reached out to my Minneapolis food and drink photography studio, based in the Minnesota’s Twin Cities, when their advertising team was in need of some updated product content images of their beef products for marketing on their website and social media channels.

Their marketing team asked if I could be the food stylist and prop stylist as well, which included cooking summer themed BBQ recipes and creating lifestyle scenes while photographing some of their beef products. I worked with the coordinator as art director as well to produce and schedule a time frame for the project that worked for both of us. My partner and I photographed a variety of their beef products which included product images of whole meat (then having to butcher the product into various forms), different cuts of steak, and some life-styled BBQ grilled recipes that were familiar to their target audience in the South Dakota region. Some of the recipes, like chislic, I was not very familiar with and had to research in order to find the right ingredients and props for the images. The multi-day shoot went great, and took a lot of preparations, but their products ended up looking terrific in the photos. It was a pleasure to collaborate and work with such a professional and passionate marketing team. 

I’m sure Demkota Ranch Beef will continue to wow their customers with their delicious products, as the coordinator was happy with the photo shoot results, and I was glad to help out a local business in South Dakota to promote their brand to their target audience. As a food photographer based in Minneapolis at the time, now I am based in Chicago, Illinois, I was excited to have the opportunity to shoot such delicious-looking products from a local company based in the Midwest.

Short Ribs Plated with baked beans and mac n cheese sides Chicago recipe photographer

A lifestyle food product photo image with a BBQ grill rib scene where I was the prop and food stylist putting together the plate and cooking all of the main and side dishes.

Strip Loin Raw lifestyle product photography best Food Photographers Milwaukee Food Photographer Chicago Minneapolis food photographers editorial product photographers

The strip loin steaks were gorgeous under the studio lights shining and a bright red with marbling. I chose simple ingredients to compliment the product and to create the feeling of a home cooked meal.


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