Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts topped with bacon, crushed roasted cashews, and sprinkled brown sugar sitting in a cast iron skillet with a wooden spoon. Set on a gray wooden table top, overhead flat lay view.

While at the grocery store last week I saw these big beautiful Brussel sprouts and knew I wanted to photograph them. The week started to slip by and late one night I laid them out to photograph them raw with a flat lay view. Long story short it got to dark in my home studio and they looked terrible! When photographing food I prefer to use natural light only. While I do know how to use studio lighting, and have portable lights on my gear list, I am just never am pleased with the outcome of artificial when it comes to food.

The next day I looked up some brussels sprouts recipes to cook these guys before they went bad and found a delicious sounding one with bacon and brown sugar. Another recipe had the crushed cashews and bourbon, I only had the cashews left over from my mango tofu curry recipe so I added them. Luckily my partner had a cast iron skillet I could use for the photos as well to give the image a nice authentic rustic feel.


Brussels sprouts with bacon, roasted cashews, and brown sugar in a cast iron skillet.

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