Mango Tofu Curry

Mango tofu curry topped with crushed roasted cashews and cilantro on a bed of white jasmine rice. My partner Steven gave me some fresh mangos he had left over from another recipe he was making at home where he bought a few to many for. I took them and put them in my refrigerator and forgot about them for a bit. When I realized they were there I had a craving for some mango curry from one of my favorite local Nepalese cuisine restaurants here in Minneapolis. So I searched google for a comparable mango curry recipe and headed to the grocery store.

When I arrived at the store I started to gather up all of the curries ingredients that I didn’t have at home along with some added roasted candied cashews that I crushed and topped with a cilantro garnish. The final outcome of the dish was amazing so I decided to photograph it as an overhead flat lay with a dark moody food styling using my drift reactive indigo plate, navy blue linen napkin, and dark blue slate backdrop. All of which made the white jasmine rice and curry really pop!


Mango tofu curry topped with crushed toasted cashews and cilantro on jasmine rice. Minneapolis Food Photographer, product photography, restaurant, commercial photographer, editorial, Minnesota, St Paul
Mango curry with tofu topped with crushed toasted cashews and cilantro on jasmin rice.


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