Pomegranate Seeds set on a textured black slate charcuterie board

Pomegranate Seeds on a black slate charcuterie board background. For this food photography photo shoot I used my large stone age slate cheese board for the background to give the image a dramatic dark feel in addition to adding texture to the background and to making the vivid red fruit and its seeds pop. I absolutely love how the scarlet jewel like seeds pop when the natural window light hits them, leaving a gradient darker shadow to the left of the image. For prop styling I kept it very simple, only using one of the real sterling silver spoons, which adds more texture being slightly tarnished, from the vintage silverware set that was one of my parents wedding gifts. My mother gave me the silverware set when her and my father were retiring from their home in a Chicago northwest suburb of Illinois to northern Wisconsin near Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


Pomegranate Seeds spread out with a vintage silver spoon and half of the fruit on a black slate board. Dark natural lighting


When getting ready to produce and style this food photography shoot of pomegranate seeds I wanted to go for a dark moody lighting style. I used natural window lighting rigging my Canon DLSR 5D Mark II camera (a work horse I have used the past ten years almost, though I did recently update my camera body to the mirrorless Canon EOS R) to an overhead flat lay. To get the flat lay I use my backdrop stands and Manfrotto Super Clamp to mount my camera body overhead with a tethering cord so that I could view the composition on my computers monitor, a must for overhead flat lay photography in studio!

Since starting to photograph still life food photography I’ve learned to love to use live view software that Canon offers with their digital cameras especially shooting flat lays. I set my laptop next to the subject where I can compose the frame seeing the live results on screen.





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