Minnesota Chef Erick Harsey

Minnesota Chef Erick Harsey was kind enough to meet up at his restaurant Willards in Cambridge, Minnesota to be photographed as part of his competing on the Food Networks Beat Bobby Flay. I photographed him in some environmental portraits posed and working throughout the restaurants kitchen, along with photographing some of his signature food dishes. Chef Erick and everyone working at the restaurant, along with some of the regular customers, were excited for him to compete on the show, potentially against Bobby Flay himself! While I was there everyone was buzzing about how exciting the opportunity was and they were looking forward for the show to air! See how he did on the shows full episode link “Best in Snow”!

Cambridge, Minnesota is about an hour north from downtown Minneapolis and has a quaint downtown main street shopping area where the restaurant is located. When I arrived on a cold winter Minnesota day it was for the lunchtime rush where I was able to capture some great images at the restaurants lunch counter with a little bit of a vintage diner feel. As the shoot progressed I captured the chef in action in the kitchen helping plate orders for guests and then preparing some of his competition dishes for the show. We also stopped to take some editorial portraits of Chef Harsey in the environment of the restaurants kitchen and out in the dining room area. The same went for the entrees! I took some beautiful food images to highlight the chefs talents in preparation and plating of his signature dishes. 


Restaurant Chef Portrait Photography taken in an industrial kitchen

Chef stands in Willards restaurants kitchen for an editorial portrait for his biography introduction before appearing for competition in season 27 of the Food Networks Beat Bobby Flay

Minnesota Chef Erick Harsey spooning creamed spinach into a bowl for his gourmet salmon plate while sous chefs work in the background.
Restaurant pasta and vegetable dish being cooked in a frying pan and carefully plated into a bowl.

Cooked pasta salad being plated by the chef in a restaurants busy kitchen.

Salmon with creamed spinach and onion rings in a small cast iron skillet. Restaurant food products.

Small cast iron pan with smoked salmon, greens, topped with fresh made onion rings.

Minnesota Chef working in the kitchen at lunchtime cooking and plating sandwiches, burgers, and french fries.

Chef plating hamburgers and french fries for the lunch rush at the end of the diner like counter for guests to sit and see into the kitchen.

Restaurant Chef with Knuckle tattoos preparing a cheeseburger on a wooden tray slab with a side of mini ketchupPlating lunch dishes on wooden boards of burgers and fries

Restaurant Chef Commercial Portrait holding a gourmet cheeseburger with french fries and a small vile of ketchup in the front dining room. Best Food photographers

Chef editorial portrait in Willards restaurant dining room holding one of his signature dishes.








Minneapolis Editorial Food Photographer