Minneapolis Chef Remy Pettus

I had the pleasure of meeting up with and photographing editorial portraits of Minneapolis Chef Remy Pettus of Bardo restaurant for his bio intro for his appearance on the Food Networks Beat Bobby Flay, “You Made Your Bread Now Eat It” that recently aired in season 27. Chef had just returned from competing on the show but of course I like everyone else had to wait to see the episode he competed on to see how he fared against the competition. Check out the full episode through this link!

The photoshoot was scheduled for a beautiful summer day in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota while the restaurant was closed so I could photograph around the quaint restaurant freely. The food photography schedule for the day was based on some of the chefs signature dishes one of which he would use to face off again Bobby Flay if he makes it to the second round of the shows battle. 


Editorial portrait of Minneapolis Chef Remy Pettus. Minnesota Editorial Portrait Photographers for restaurant branding.Chef Remy Pettus stands in the center of his restaurant’s dining room (which he said was a former funeral home!), just outside of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. For this portrait he is holding a ham with shrimp and grits dish he prepared for the photo shoot. See a detailed image of the dish below along with some more of the other delicious dishes he prepared below!

Ham shrimp and grits with red sauce gourmet dish served at Minneapolis, Minnesota restaurant. Ham shrimp and grits dish served at Minneapolis, Minnesota Bardo restaurant.

Ham shrimp and cheddar grits with corn garnished with parsley photographed on a copper tabletop.The Minneapolis restaurant had a beautiful copper bar tabletop that I used as a background for most of the dishes I photographed like this ham with shrimp and grits entree.

Minneapolis Chef Remy Pettus Minneapolis Editorial Chef Portrait Bardo Restaurant downtown Minneapolis, MinnesotaChef and restaurant owner Remey Pettus stands in front of his downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota restaurant Bardo on a beautiful sunny summer afternoon.

Pan cooked Lamb Ribs restaurant branding food photography in Minneapolis. Chicago editorial food photographers MilwaukeeThis dish of lamb ribs photographed beautifully in some natural window light.

Pan seared Lamb Ribs Gourmet Food Photography Culinary best food photographers Chicago restaurant photographer

Gourmet cooking pasta dish with shaved turnips and jalapeño pepper. Photographed in a downtown Minneapolis restaurant on a copper bar top.Roasted beet and turnip salad with shaved jalapenos pieces photographed on a textured copper table top background.

Cold scallops with shaved red beets on the top in a lemon butter sauce and scallions. Restaurant food product branding photography for social media marketing and promotion Chicago.Cold scallops with beats in a white ceramic restaurant dish, perfect for a light and refreshing summertime meal.


 As a professional photographer I always prepare for photo shoots like this in advance, studying the shot list, and packing what gear I think I will need to capture the images in the lighting style and composition that are true to my editorial photography style for an assignment like this. For this project I brought one off camera light to use to photograph the chefs portrait inside but also to use outside as it was a bright sunny day and I did not want to be limited to only finding shade to photograph him in. The off camera light allowed me to photograph the chef in the sun as well but illuminated him to avoid any harsh shadows and helped balance the background light. That said, I did still use some natural available window light as a mix while photographing some of the food entrees to give them a natural editorial feel. Whenever I am hired for photography on location it is good to be a little over prepared because you never know what inspiration will come to you during the shoot or what the venue will offer as far as available lighting options, unless you have time to visit the location beforehand. 

I photographed this assignment while living in downtown Minneapolis, but I have since relocated back to my hometown of Chicago, Illinois where I have a small food and beverage photography studio on the cities northside. I still get back to the Twin Cities on occasion for editorial and commercial photography projects and am available to travel throughout the Midwest. Please feel free to contact me so we can collaborate on your next food or drink photography project! I have also been contracted as a food stylist and would love to hear how I can help your next project be a success!






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