Minnesota Chef Karyn Tomlinson

Minneapolis, Minnesota Chef Karyn Tomlinson, whom I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing editorial portraits of in a downtown Minneapolis restaurant for her bio intro for her appearance to compete on the Food Networks Beat Bobby Flay, “Best in Snow” that recently aired in season 27. Check out the full episode through this link to see how she did!

For this food editorial photoshoot, I was contacted by the production company for the show, where I connected with the chef to schedule a date and time to do the shoot. On the day of the shoot, I brought some minimal off-camera lighting for portraits and hero images of her competition dishes. I used it as a soft fill light because I wanted to use as much natural light as possible. Still, as we mainly photographed inside, I needed to overpower the room’s fluorescent lighting and balance the available window light.

I met up with chef on a cold winter day in Minnesota at an industrial kitchen in downtown Minneapolis where I would photograph her preparing some of her competition dishes for the show. We started out by taking some environmental portrait and action images outside around the neighborhood with the snow covered landscape, then moving back inside for some additional chef portraits, and finally action and hero images of her delicious entrees. See the results for yourself below!


Chef platting a lamp chop dish for bio photos for a Food Network contestant, Minneapolis Minnesota Food Photographers, best food photographers in Chicago.

Environmental editorial portrait of Chef Karyn Tomlinson in an industrial kitchen where she prepared her competition dishes.

Gourmet egg and black caviar French omelette dish preparation, editorial food photography, Minneapolis food photographers, Midwest editorial food photography

Placing black caviar on a gourmet French omelette

Minnesota Chef Karyn Tomlinson laughing and working with her sous chef in industrial kitchen. Behind the scenes in a restaurant kitchen.

Behind the scenes documentary image of preparing the next dish with chef and sous chef in an industrial kitchen

Rolled egg and caviar with cream French omelette at a Twin Cities restaurant. Chicago restaurant food photographers.

Detail of a gourmet French omelette with black caviar and cream restaurant quality dish

A restaurant quality food dish of broccolini and grapefruit salad, photographed in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Broccolini and grapefruit salad with a frothed sauce

Minnesota Chef Karyn Tomlinson shaves a grapefruit while preparing one of her signature dishes in an industrial kitchen. Chicago editorial food photographer.

Chef Karyn Tomlinson shaving grapefruit rinds in preparation for her next dish.

Lamb and shaved beat dish on a wooden butcher block table plated rustic country style white gray plate.

Leg of Lamb and shaved beat with kimchi dish plated on a rustic plate with a wooden butcher block table top background.



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