Reverie Restaurant and Bar

Reverie Restaurant and Bar accepted my collaboration offer after I posted in a local small business restaurant social media networking group. I wanted to help other small businesses and offered to take branding photographs for local Minneapolis restaurants once Covdi-19 restrictions started to be lifted at the end of the summer of 2020. I hoped to help local restaurants promote their businesses and let the local community know they were back open for business. Below are some of the branding and behind-the-scenes editorial images I took for them to help market themselves on social media.

Reverie Restaurant and Bar Fall 2020 external image of building, Minneapolis restaurant photographers Chicago food photographers Milwaukee

A pedestrian walks by the front of the restaurant where they had an order and take out window in place due to the cities indoor dining restrictions during the shutdown.

Man wearing a Speed Racer shirt holds a cauliflower tofu taco with a plastic cup of beer. Minneapolis Food Photographer Chicago editorial photographers Milwaukee

A man eating cauliflower tacos in their outdoor patio dining area.

Outdoor Restaurant Seating Fall 2020 Minneapolis lifestyle food photography Chicago

Two people walk down the sidewalk past the outdoor dining area in Reverie’s side patio.

Cauliflower Tofu Tacos with a plastic cup of beer. Cooking, Drink, best food photographers Chicago

Check out the restaurants menu for their latest plant-based vegan dish offerings.

Reverie Restaurant and Bar Justice for George Graffiti mural Minneapolis editorial food photographer Chicago

During the cities unrest after the murder of George Floyd nearby many businesses had to board their windows but added impactful statement graffiti messages.

Reverie restaurant and bar takeout window due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Restaurant branding photographer Chicago

A window attendant waves at a customer waiting for their pickup order.

Reverie Restaurant and Bar South Minneapolis exterior of building with graffiti mural in honor of George Floyd.

Customers wait in line outside on a sunny but chilly fall October afternoon.

Vegan Restaurant Minneapolis Imitation BBQ lifestyle food photography Underwood pinot noir wine in a can. Milwaukee food photographers

Lifestyle food photography with a plant-based BBQ sandwich and a glass of Underwood Pinot Noir wine.

Reverie restaurant and bar graffiti seating outside patio. Minneapolis Food Photographer Chicago editorial photographer Milwaukee lifestyle photography restaurant branding photography

Guests sit outside in the restaurants outdoor patio dining area enjoying their meals and conversation on a fall day.

Beans Rice Achiote dish on an outdoor seating section. Chicago restaurant food photographers Milwaukee food photographer Minneapolis

Reverie restaurant offers a variety of plant-based vegan dishes and bowls on their takeout menu.

Two people sitting outside at Reverie Restaurant and bar in the fall Minneapolis editorial photographers Chicago food photographer

The restaurant is adorned in colorful custom graffiti.

Vegan Burger Reverie Restaurant Bar Minneapolis food product photographers Chicago

One of their many handheld sandwich offerings, the KBLT with kimchi, tempura tempeh bacon, garlic aioli, arugula, and tomato.

My Chicago food photography studio

volunteered for the opportunity to work with and photography a Minnesota based pastry chef for her Spicy Green Book listing.

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