What once was a home

It is a place that is faintly familiar when I visit now when I pull into the driveway. When walking up to this structure and through the front door I start to be flooded with memories of a past life, things I've forgotten about until standing here now. Sweetly haunted with the smells of what was once cooked in the kitchen (the recipes they taught me to cook as a child), sitting at the dinner table together, the sounds of daily life (my mother singing her favorite songs on the records she owned), sunlight on peeking in through the windows on a summer Sunday morning as she dances, the love and laughter of the family that once lived here. Time is starting to erase that this was once a home, a place of comfort and security. In its current state of condemnation I still love it and hope someday it is rebuilt so another family can build a life of memories here.