This past May I was awoken by that early a.m. phone call nobody wants. It was my dad who was calling to say my mom was in the hospital after having a stroke. Now four months later she is home and doing ok, sort of. She has had diabetes for awhile too but would only self monitor it, at least now she is finally getting medication for it, high blood pressure, among other things.  I worry about her constantly, but can’t bring myself to think to much about it because I just break down and worry even more. My whole life she has always said I get that from my grandmother (her mom) she was a worrier too and her passing now almost two years ago is still a fresh wound.

So tonight I was getting ready to call it a night then came across an illustrated video clip  An Illustrated Talk with Maurice Sendak and I started worrying a little again, but then broke down a bit with happiness instead knowing that my mom is doing ok. As Mr. Sendak says in his interview be present, take in and enjoy the world around you, and “live your life, live your life, live your life.”



© Theresa Scarbrough 2014, Editorial Photographer