The above was one of my high school year book themes. At the time I thought it was the dumbest thing I had heard of…. to be seventeen and think you know everything. I’m not in general a nostalgic being but a lot has changed in my life recently.

Last October my dear sweet grandmother left us quite unexpectedly at age eighty-three. I honestly thought she would have lived to one-hundred plus she was so independent and took such good care of herself. She wasn’t just my grandmother, as an adult she became a good friend too. I feel very lucky to have had known her and miss her along with my grandfather each day.

Coinciding with this I have been helping my parents get ready to sell my childhood home also since last fall. They lived there for thirty-six years, and even though it isn’t the nicest house it was still home for so long.  Growing up there it is surreal to think it will no longer be a place to go home to anymore.

So now twenty years later I have found my own way to relate to the above phrase. Things will change, what I thought would be there forever simply won’t be. Things will remain the same, I am still the same person who is starting a new chapter in life.


Theresa Scarbrough, Grandparents


© Theresa Scarbrough 2013, Editorial Photographer