Morning Frost

Morning Frost. A few years ago I took this image in the early morning while visiting at my parents house in rural Northern Wisconsin’s Northwoods near the state line border of  Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It was a chilly start to the day and while drinking my coffee I saw the frost on the trees outside and decided to go out to see if there were any photography opportunities.

When I came upon this vine I noticed how the frost was adding a nice highlight outline along each leafs edges and even the skeletal lines pattern through the entire leaf. The rising sun light coming through the forests trees was the perfect light filter for this natural light image. It highlighted the top of the vine bush peaking up from the ground that was darker giving it a natural vignetting to the image.

Nature photography is more of a hobby for me, though I have licensed some of my travel landscape images (internationally and nationally) to online and print publications along with selling fine art prints.


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