Sprinkled Powdered Sugar


Sprinkled Powdered Sugar over some double chocolate chip muffins from my local Minneapolis grocery store Lunds & Byerlys. While grocery shopping this past Sunday I saw they had all of their store brand muffins on sale so I splurged and bought some. This week I decided to clean up and organize my home photography studio to get motivated to start shooting more and held off on eating these so I could photograph them. It wasn’t easy! I had a busy week working otherwise and didn’t get to photographing them until Thursday.

I have also been meaning to practice shooting more commercial or editorial branding photography with video for my food photography portfolio and made some extra time to make the below video gif of my sprinkling the powdered sugar over the front muffin. I did some regular video as well I will post later but I never made a gif before so I spent last night figuring out how to do so with multiple images in photoshop. Thanks to a youtube video it was surprisingly easy!

Powdered sugar, chocolate chip muffins, dark moody, food photography, Minneapolis photographer, motion, gif, video, , product photography, restaurant, commercial photographer, editorial, Minnesota, St Pauland here is the final photo!

Sprinkled powdered sugar, Chocolate Chip Muffins, Minneapolis Food Photographer, product photography, restaurant, commercial photographer, editorial, Minnesota, St Paul, Photo StylingI am very happy with this final result as I am going back to a darker and moody lifestyle product photography.


I have been shooting some lighter and airy images recently too but feel I need to practice a little bit more to get the results I am looking for. Those shoots have been tied to cooking and practicing my food photography styling as well, on top of shooting, so I think I just need to plan everything out a little more for the sake of better time management! I digress…..



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