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I have wanted to start photographing a lifestyle food photography portfolio for awhile now, ever since I did some work for Bake magazines Twenty Five special issue two years in a row while I was living in Chicago, Il. I have finally set up a small home table top studio and this was a practice shot with some fresh summer red cherries in a metal colander experimenting with the dark moody food photography trend I have been admiring recently. I did some research online and bought a few props such as linen napkins, some vinyl backdrops, with black and white foam poster board, as my staple studio tools to start building this portfolio.

I love the satiny overall look to the image, though I need to work on some of the hot spots from the studio lights I used. They are minimal but distracting for me. Cloning the highlights out in Adobe Photoshop is the best option for this image I think. Next time I think I will try to work with natural window lighting to learn how to work with that as a lighting option in the future as well.





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